Valentine’s Day! Part 1

Here we go! It’s fashion time! #TBT to Valentine’s Day 2015. My head was bald, my wigs were fierce and I had (still have) a boy who loves me. What better time to jet off to a desert oasis for a weekend getaway! Palm Springs has always been a go-to destination for me when I want to ensure some relaxation and sun. We hit The Parker which is a super retro, swinging 60’s compound that used to be the home and villas of the “Singing Cowboy” Gene Autry. This was the perfect opportunity to try out as many new looks as I could cram into one weekend. Enjoy!



I began the trip with a visit to the 1940s. (I should note here that the majority of the fashion on this blog will be things I already own or can get at a very reasonable price. Cancer is already expensive, looking good doesn’t have to be). I had been experimenting with head wrap looks and I figured why not copy the experts. Women of that time period were constantly covering their heads in between salon visits or to keep their curls in place. It was a working woman’s look that now feels fresh and glamorous. I found this chrysanthemum printed scarf at Forever 21 and cut it to the optimum size (I have found a 20″ x 20″ square works best). From there I built the rest of the outfit. A pop of candy-colored yellow in the bodysuit and some high-waisted shorts and I was ready to be the treasure of any recruit in the infantry.


Hey Sailor!


Windmills! You are entering Palm Springs!
Windmills! Must be entering Palm Springs!

One thing about Palm Springs is that it’s hot. Very VERY hot. The sun is unfettered and it’s not hard to end your relaxing weekend with a weep worthy sunburn. When my strongest SPF still won’t cut it I always use my trusty parasol. Sunshade and style all in one!




Add some electric pink lips and killer TopShop shades and you're ready for the pool!
Add some electric pink lips and killer TopShop shades and you’re ready for the pool!


We sunned, sipped and swam all day until it was time to get ready for dinner. When I had originally started brainstorming a wig for our Valentine’s meal I was dreaming up cotton candy colored bobs or fiery red flowing locks. But then I remembered that Peter was going to have to sit across from this woman, whoever she was, and a crazy costume wig might not be the most flattering. I decided my Valentine’s gift to him would be to let him choose his “date” for the evening. Luckily he has excellent taste and is totally game for anything.



Part of the charm of Palm Springs is it’s history. It was a haven for many movie stars from the 20s to the 70s and most of the building were once houses of those celebrities. Our dinner reservation was at Copley’s which once belonged to legendary actor Cary Grant. When Peter found this out he came up with the idea to dress in the style of Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant’s 1946 film “Notorious”. How sexy were these two?

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.52.48 PM


Well you don’t have to ask me twice!


My Cary Grant also takes pictures!

I found this wig on eBay of all places and I’m telling you it transformed me. I loved embodying such a sultry screen siren. This is a hair style I would never in a million years be able to recreate so to be able to plop it on my head and feel so glamorous was an incredible feeling. Especially considering just a week earlier I couldn’t get out of bed. What a difference a week and a wig make!


Here’s looking at (six of) you, kid

I colored my eyebrows a bit more auburn with a pencil and finished off the face with a deep red just a shade darker than the wig.

Red Red Red
The finished look!

I will shout from the rooftops that you can never go wrong in a pantsuit. I was mixing my Ingrid’s here: part Notorious, part Casablanca. She’s wearing a black velvet dress with beaded belt in the former but she rocks a fierce pantsuit look in the latter. Mix them together and you get an easy breezy outfit with a ton of impact. This pantsuit is from Lulu’s. I LOVE Lulu’s. Super affordable clothes that are right on trend. An Anthropologie belt tied it all together with my own heels and we stepped out like the power couple of the (mid)Century.

Let’s all give Peter a round of applause, shall we?! As a person who dresses up for a living I can say this was one of my favorite looks I’ve ever worn. It can be a little jarring to walk around “in costume” for all intents and purposes. But I found it to be so fun and liberating. I guess I learned to let my boyfriend dress me more often!

Check back tomorrow for part 2!



All photos by Peter!

Color correction and editing: Adam Deen.



26 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day! Part 1

  1. You always look like a rockstar and you are such a wonderful inspiration to all women with or without cancer
    Praying you your continued great spirit everyday
    I hope you feel as great as you look❤️

  2. Absolutely ravishing! Forties glamour suits you very well—I hope they made you feel as fabulous as you looked. Glad both you and Peter had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 🙂

  3. Krysta you are so gorgeous you can pull off any look! And I really think auburn is your colour -you look fierce! I hope you had a great and relaxing Valentine’s day. Looking forward to part 2 🙂

    ♡ Carissa

  4. I’m sure everyone will be saying this, but you look absolutely glamorous! I can’t decide which look I love more. I can’t wait to see more of the “couture” side of things if it’s all going to be this gorgeous!

  5. You pull off so many different looks…and do it effortlessly! Peter did a great job of picking out your outfits, but what did you expect? He probably knows you better than you think! That one is a keeper! Happy thoughts coming your way….and don’t worry, spring has to arrive sooner or later in the NE section of the US. It can’t stay winter forever!

  6. Gorgeous! I reeaallyyy like “The Pin Up” look and loved the red hair! And I too believe you can never go wrong with a pantsuit! My go-to fancy outfit. (I’ve never been too fond of dresses; I have really long and bruised up dancer’s legs..) But you look flawless! I really enjoy reading your blogs. They make my day brighter and give me a more positive outlook when I see how amazing (and dare I say badass) you are. I love you! (:

  7. Holy hot mama! You are amazing and beautiful! I’m convinced you can pull off absolutely any look. Sending warm fuzzies and good vibes your way! XO

  8. Krysta, you are fabulously stunning in the red wig & black jumpsuit. I think you should keep it even when you don’t need it any more. Also like the cute shorts outfit & adore the parasol. Much love, Jeremy,s Nana, Susan

  9. Krysta you have always been an inspiration to me in my life mostly from a theatre point of view, but you are now one of the best role models a girl could ask for. You are kicking cancer’s ass and showing people everywhere that we can get through anything. Thankyou so much for being you and for spreading your joy and strength through this amazing blog. Thankyou, and I look forward to reading more about your journey <3

  10. Hey Krysta, I’ve really been enjoying the blog and love this entry. I’ve recently become obbsessed with vintage clothing and love the pinup look. Do you have any suggestions for vintage style swimsuits for cheap? I also love that red wig!! I’ve always wanted to be able to do my hair like that but don’t really have the skills. 😉 Hope you’re good and love reading the blog. Stay positive.

  11. I love the 40’s look, I wear head scarves regularly just because I love the way they look even though I have shoulder length hair. 20″ by 20″ square is good to know but is there anyway you can break down method you tied it to make it look like that? I can never get mine to look like that, thanks for a great post!

  12. Thank you for another great post. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such a perfect means of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such info.

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